Tianchang Medical and Health Protective Products Co.,Ltd.锛宖ounded in 2020, is a company that focused on the sales of medical protective products. The company is located in the National Civilized City of Tianchang Science and Innovation Park, with sales products that include medical masks, protective masks, protective clothing, infrared thermometers, protective eye masks, medical syringes, and medical infusion sets. The company has a young, creative sales and management team. Many key members of the R&D team have more than ten years of experience in development and production management. Our excellent sales team can provide customers with professional, prompt, multilingual communication. The company has created an atmosphere and environment that is conducive to technological innovation, and established an innovation incentive mechanism to stimulate employees鈥?learning enthusiasm.
Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the business principle of being people-oriented and operating with integrity. We gathered together some of the elites in the medical industry, integrated the resources of Medical protective products in Tianchang, and unified the sales platform, to make certain that the enterprise always remains competitive, and to develop rapidly and stably in this fierce market competition.
From the integration of raw materials, marketing, to product sales, the enterprise has provided a professional external platform for hundreds of medical protective products' production factories in Tianchang. With the best products, best service, and best reputation, TIANCHANG Medical and Health Protective Products Co., LTD.. is willing to become your long-term partner.
Our Vision
To be the core power of protecting human health.
Our Mission
"Popularize high-end technology and let more people share quality life care". This is not only the mission of the company, but also the responsibility and commitment of all medical enterprises in the society on behalf of Tianchang. Over the years, Tianchang Medical Enterprises have been actively cooperating with many non-profit medical institutions around the world to donate medical equipment, provide medical training, support free health diagnosis and provide medical assistance across national boundaries. During the SARS epidemic, Wenchuan earthquake, Indian Ocean tsunami, Yushu earthquake and Ya 'an earthquake, Tianchang Medical Enterprises was one of the first to donate medical supplies and disaster relief funds in order to help affected people go through those hard times.Medical Protective Clothing