Performance characteristics:
1. This series of hydraulic presses are double-action sheet drawing hydraulic presses, especially used for drawing forming, flanging, bending, and stamping processes of sheet metal parts, and can also be used for general pressing processes;
2. The hydraulic system of this series of hydraulic press adopts two-way cartridge valve, and the electrical system adopts PLC control, which is convenient and reliable to operate;
3. This series of hydraulic press has the characteristics of fast emptying speed, high efficiency, low energy consumption, adjustable sub-blank force and stretching force, etc. It is an ideal equipment for sheet forming.
Applicable fields:
It is suitable for all deep and shallow drawing processes, and can also be used for bending, flanging, blanking and other processes. It is especially suitable for the following fields:
Covers and other parts of large automobiles, agricultural vehicles;
Containers: stainless steel, aluminum, enamel bath, pressure vessel, stainless steel sink;
Tractors, motorcycles, aviation and other fields.
Optional accessories:
1.Mobile workbench 2. Impact buffer device 3. Photoelectric protection device 4. Punching device 5. PLC programmable controller 6. Mould heating and remote control device 7. Touch-type industrial display 8. Hydraulic system heating and cooling device 9. Digital display of stroke, pressure, speed, numerical control device
Nominal pressureKN1000140030004000 pressureMpa25252525
Return force of drawing slideKN630100020003150
Centre force of drawing slideKN2*2002*2004*2504*250
Knock-out forceKN190190630630
Diameter of center hole of blank holder slidemm260330420500
Maximum opening height of stretch slidermm1100110014801650
Maximum opening height of blank holdermm5905509001000
Maximum stroke of stretching slidemm600600700800
Maximum stroke of blank holder slidemm300300400400
Ejection strokemm200200300300
Stretching slider speedNo-load downmm/s120120100100
Size of drawing slideL-Rmm72072010001260
Size of blank holder slideL-Rmm72072010001260
Overall dimensions of machineL-Rmm72072010001260
Motor powerKW7.57.52222
Nominal pressureKN50006300800018000 pressureMpa25252525
Return force of drawing slideKN30004000500012000
Centre force of drawing slideKN4*500250030006000
Knock-out forceKN630100016001600
Diameter of center hole of blank holder slidemm800*6001400*800900*5502540*1970
Maximum opening height of stretch slidermm2000220020202600
Maximum opening height of blank holdermm1100145015002400
Maximum stroke of stretching slidemm9009009001250
Maximum stroke of blank holder slidemm4008009001250
Ejection strokemm300350350400
Stretching slider speedNo-load downmm/s150120100120-150
Size of drawing slideL-Rmm1500250016003500
Size of blank holder slideL-Rmm1500250016004500
Overall dimensions of machineL-Rmm1500250016004500
Motor powerKW2*302*2245+223*45
Nominal pressureKN2100026000 pressureMpa2525
Return force of drawing slideKN1600020000
Centre force of drawing slideKN50006000
Knock-out forceKN16001600
Diameter of center hole of blank holder slidemm1840*12402040*1840
Maximum opening height of stretch slidermm20004500
Maximum opening height of blank holdermm20004500
Maximum stroke of stretching slidemm10002000
Maximum stroke of blank holder slidemm10002000
Ejection strokemm400400
Stretching slider speedNo-load downmm/s120*150120
Size of drawing slideL-Rmm18002000
Size of blank holder slideL-Rmm26003600
Overall dimensions of machineL-Rmm26003600
Motor powerKW3*453*45
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