Our History
Huizhou BangWee Trading Co., Ltd. was registered in 2016 and has since grown into a game manufacturing company with its own independent factory equipment. Although the company's registration time is short, it is developing rapidly. The company's employees are a group of energetic young people with unlimited development prospects.
Our Factory
Huizhou BangWee Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of games, with new mechanical equipment and a new production line, specializing in the production of board games, card games, hardcover books, game accessories, etc.
The company was registered in 2016 and although it was established for a short time, it has developed rapidly. At present, the machinery and equipment of the factory are equipped with domestic advanced equipment, and a series of products of many games have been produced. The company produces a variety of series of games, quality and reputation have received unanimous praise from customers.
Companies adhering to the "quality is life, excellence and endless; service for security, customer first" business purposes, and strive to provide customers with first-class products and first-class service.
Our Product
Board game/Card game/RPG book/Custom Plastic Miniatures.
Product Application
All kinds of games.
Our Service
Pre-sale: If the customer has any questions about the game specifications, we have a team of professional engineers to guide, specifications and artwork will be carefully checked and confirmed.
Sale: Advanced production equipment, a new production line, allowing customers to receive samples in the first time after placing an order, scheduling production, and confirming production.
After Sale: After the customer receives our products, we will collect feedback from the customers, whether there is any damage, if any, we will follow up and deal with them in time, reissue new products to customers and satisfy customers.Cauldron Board Game