Natural plant Fiber desiccant is made of pure natural plant fibers by special technology. Especially the film-coated. It is convenient and practical, and do not occupy space. Its hygroscopicity reaches 100% of its own weight, which is incomparable with ordinary desiccants. It is an ideal choice for many biological, health food and medicines.
鈼?Natural plant fiber, safe, non-toxic, friendly to environment.
鈼?Absolute adsorption rate is 2 times higher than silica gel (25鈩冿紝RH=100%).
鈼?Like thick sheet paper, covered by PET film, be free of space, proper to compact package.
鈼?DMF-free, meet the EU directive 2009/251/EC, PFOS-free, Halogen-free, and meet the RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC and its subsequent amendments.
鈼?Medical, Health-care food, Bio-kits, top grade paper materials, Sea moss, Dried fruit,Vacuum-packed food, IC circuit board, Electronic product and so on.
It is the best choice of biological products, health food and medicines
Product Quality Standard
ItemTechnical indicatorInspection methods
Size deviationAccording to different specificationRuler and Thickness gauge
Drying weightlessness10%gravimetric method
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