Our History
Our company carries out brand strategy and sets up the Global Marketing Center in Dubai in 2016, its sales network covers the entire Middle East, as well as the marketing channel has been expanded to all over the world, such as Europe and America, Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, Latin America and so on.

Our Factory
WENZHOU MACVY Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. is a new electrical appliances production enterprise established by China, having modern workshop covered an area of 20000m2, 650 employees with excellent quality, including 160 persons with junior or senior title.
Our Product
UK series switch and socket銆丟round series銆乄aterproof switch series.
Product Application
Home use銆丱ffice use銆丠otel use銆乂illa use.
Our Certificate
CCC Certification, CE Certification, ROHS Certification.

Production Equipment
Switch and socket life testing machine銆乀emperature rise tester銆丆orrosion testing machine.

Production Market
In the Middle East
Our Service
Free samples銆丆ustomized logo銆丆ustomized packaging銆丟raphic customization. tel lan computer socket