Our History
Founded in 2007, the company has 120 employees. Our products are sold to more than 10 countries in Europe, America and the Middle East. The annual output of 90 million sets of medical consumables production line, as well as the corresponding clean workshop, material mechanical properties testing, biological physical and chemical testing laboratory.
Our Factory
The company's workshop covers an area of about 20000 m2, with a construction area of 7500 m2. It has standardized production workshops and laboratories, including 1100m2 of 100000 class clean workshop and 67.5m2 of 10000 class detection area.
Our Product
Medical surgical mask, disposable cervical sampling swab, disposable sampler, sharp tool box cell preservation solution, disposable tissue suction tube, cell filter, disposable cell collector and other consumable products

Product Application
Use of medical consumables
Our Certificate
In 2008, it obtained the registration certificate of disposable cervical sampling swab; in 2009, it passed ISO13485 and iso0900, and passed CE certification; since then, it has successively obtained the records of cell preservation solution, cell filter and automatic dye machine, and passed the assessment of medical device production quality management standard; in 2020, it obtained the registration certificate of medical surgical mask and the record certificate of disposable sampler for the first time.
Production Equipment
The production equipment mainly includes plastic injection molding machine, tostar central feeding system, automatic sealing machine, microcomputer code spraying unit, air circulation system, purified water preparation system, ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet and analysis room, etc. Detection equipment mainly includes spectrometer, microcomputer biochemical incubator, sealing tester, mold incubator, image measuring instrument, ruler / caliper, sterility testing equipment, etc.
Production Market
At present, the products have been sold to more than 10 countries such as Europe, America and the Middle East.
Our Service
Establish user files for after-sales products, visit users regularly, and track product quality. Timely handle the quality problems and customer complaints in the process of using the product, help to solve the failure caused by improper use and maintenance and other reasons, and determine the non-human damage. Within the validity period of the product, the buyer shall give a reply within 24 hours after receiving the user's complaint request, and the buyer may request replacement; if the buyer requests to replace the product, the appearance of the product shall not be damaged, and the accessories, product instructions and packaging shall be complete. Wholesale Disposable Endometrial Suction Cannula