Main features
1. The underground integrated sewage treatment equipment has a reasonable and compact structure and can be buried under the ground. The ground surface can be used as green or square land to reduce the floor area. No pollution, no noise, no smell, reduce secondary pollution.
2. Buried integrated sewage treatment is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) prefabricated components produced by the factory and assembled on site. It is easy to operate and maintain. It is fully automatic control, high degree of automation, low energy consumption, low management cost and no personnel management.
3. Underground integrated sewage treatment is not limited by the amount of sewage, and it is flexible and can be used individually or jointly. Therefore, it is suitable to be installed in residential areas, tourist attractions, hotels, villas, barracks, schools and other living areas, without laying a large number of sewage collection pipeline network. If the amount of water is large, it can also be arranged in groups for centralized treatment, and small sewage treatment plants (stations) can be built.
4. The treatment efficiency of buried integrated sewage treatment is high, and the removal rate of BOD is 80% - 90%. The indexes of effluent can meet the second or first class (b) standard of national discharge standard of pollutants for municipal wastewater treatment plant (GB 18918-2002). At present, more customers require further supporting, ozone intensive oxidation advanced treatment, to meet the "urban sewage recycling and landscape environment water quality standard" (GB / T 18921-2002) standard, recycling.
5. The biological contact oxidation tank of the buried integrated sewage treatment equipment has small volume, strong adaptability to water quality, good shock resistance, stable effluent quality and no sludge bulking. At the same time, in the biological contact oxidation tank, a new type of elastic combination solid filler produced by our company is adopted. It has large actual specific surface area, and is convenient for microorganism to form and remove film. Under the same organic load condition, it has higher removal rate of organic matter than other fillers and can improve the solubility in the air.Sewage Treatment Equipment price